To install the app, Android users can go here to download it:

Apple users – first install the TestFlight app (this allows you to install apps that are in beta testing):

Then click the link in the email we sent to your device and the app will install. After tapping the link, you’ll be able to put the app on as many iOS devices as you wish.


Once you launch the app for the first time, you will need to register an account. Simply tap ‘register’ on the login page and enter your details (you will be required to validate the account via text message, so please ensure that your phone number is accurate).

Next, you’ll be asked to add a vehicle to the account (using either the automatic registration plate look-up or manual entry).

Finally, you’ll need to add your starting business mileage for the year (which the app will use as a baseline to calculate what expenses you may be entitled to).


View intro-screens

After the registration flow is complete, the app will display a small introductory slideshow – you can swipe through these screens to see when the app tracks your movements, and how to classify journeys after they appear.

Login and accept notifications

You can then tap the login button to proceed into the app. At this point, a dialogue will appear asking for the app to be allowed access to your device’s Location. It’s important that this is set to ‘Always allow’, as that will mean that your journeys can be tracked even when the app is not displayed on the screen.

For iOS users, an additional dialogue will appear to allow the app access to the device’s Motion and Fitness data. Allowing this greatly improves the accuracy of our tracking, and prevents the app from accidentally creating trips when you’re walking.

Changing your Starting Mileage

If you made a mistake or encountered an error when initially setting your Starting Mileage during registration, you can amend this from the Settings page.

Simply go to Settings, and tap the ‘Edit Mileage’ button (near the bottom of the list).

You can then edit and save your starting mileage to the desired value (this can be viewed on the Dashboard).

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